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Genderfluidity and Gender queer are very close on the muddled sex spectrum. both are identities that alternate between the gender binary. Genderfluid means that one feels male for an amount of time and then female the next. Gender queer is a sort of catch all binary for those that feel non female and nnonmale. not to be confused with gender neutral which in itself is a world of ultimate "oh god oh god" for those that feel like absolutely no gender. but to sum this up, both genderfluidity and gender queer , yes being two completely different identities , for sake of time, are the same kind of "what the fuck" for those who are confused and disphoric. I suppose going through the gender fluid confusion early in life, my advice to those confused and tormented by not feeling right in their own skin, I can say that gender is simply a label. its never this or that and one should not feel pressured to pick one of the binary unless inclined personally
. gender just like sexuality is fluid and constantly an up and down for level of chemicals in the body
feel yourself and go right on with that feeling because gender is a label. feel yourself.
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