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Well I'm 23 and live in the so sunny UK!! As you can tell I'm a comedian in my spare time ;-)

I have a pure passion for music!! I large it and keeps me sane in this harsh world... I make it, listen to it and mix it! I have a home studio that I use as an escapism tool! I am blessed to have a lovely bunch of friends that all share a similar passion.

I'm currently studying Mental Health Nursing and I'm in my second year.... I absolutely love it and can't wait until I'm qualified. I'm also a support worker and really enjoy that side of care.

I play the drums, and a little strum in the guitar ... I've got a beautiful puppy called Dinky, he's a golden lab and is only 9 weeks old!!

I'm looking for friends only, as you can see I'm new to this site and quite frankly don't have a clue how to use it haha. I have no idea if a profile picture has uploaded but I have attempted too lol. I often have people ask if I'm real hahaha... if your pondering...just bask and I'll prove it!

I'd love to stretch my fan base out there, getting a bug mix of diversity ....if your game follow ,me @ DJ HURRIYAH (ask for meaning) .... mwah xxx
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