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I am so in love with my husband and haven't been with a women since we've been together. Lately I've been feeling that I need a female friend with ocassional benefits. I've always known I am bi. He doesn't have a problem with this because I am very open about my desires. He's even told me to find a fwb situation just to help with my appetite for the ocassional women. I feel if he isn't there I would be cheating. I've even brought this up and he said no you wouldn't be. His reason is that I have his blessing and it's not like I'm looking for another man. I'm conflicted about this situation. I don't want a relationship just another bi girl to fill my needs. I would hope to make a friend in her and have someone to hangout with , without all it being is sex. Ugh I'm so conflicted. Any advice for a bi female who's never been in this situation of the love of her life and all these desires.
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