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so just yesterday one of my best friends lost someone to suicide. It always hurts me when i hear things like this. A person so desperate for safety that they take their life. The girl was named Gissile she was 18.

Sad how life is wasted, but it's not their fault, they just want peace. A peace we don't have here. What's worse is that we could stop this, yet we turn a blind eye.

Most think, oh they just want attention. They want sympathy. Not at all. I honestly hate sympathy. It makes me feel like a bigger load on those around me. To the day i die, i don't want anyone to feel the need to help me. in all honesty, all the help in the world not make a difference.

You want to know how you can help? Treat us with respect, as if we are worth something. It's hard to believe that when all anyone does is treat you like the gum under their shoe.

I've attempted a couple of times, fortunately someone always found me. even having one person who's there for you helps.

What I'm trying to say is, don't exclude anyone, you could be the difference between a person living or a person dying. also remember don't take people for granted, it hurts more when you lose them....
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