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I have been thinking about the reason most people these days are atheists. Personally i believe in God, i always have, what i don't believe in is the hate brought on by religion. it is one thing to believe in God and another to believe in a religion.

I think most people believe in God, but they choose to stay away because in most institutions they belittle us. I have been involved in a couple of projects that involve multiple Christian churches.

I dressed up as a homeless person and walked into services. It was rare when they'd come up to greet me. most just looked at me with pity. The next Sunday I'd go back dressed in my best clothes, right away they greeted me. It made me think, they don't even get to know us before judging us.

What happened to the teachings of jesus? Are we not all equal, does he not love us all? I'm sure God doesn't make mistakes. We are who we are because he made us that way. I'm still Christian, even though most of them can be close minded.

I'm not there for the people though, I'm there for myself. I go to church every Sunday, I'm there for God.

Not going to church because it's full of hypocrites, is like not going to the gym because its filled with fat people. If your going to do something do it for yourself.

Over the past years I've learned, not everyone is going to accept you, but why should it matter? In the end it's your life not theirs. Don't let them rid you of your blessing.
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