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Hello all I am Ryan, I am a ftm transgender, my birthname was Paige.
This is the story of how I came out as bisexual when i was 15 (note that i am now 22).
I knew I was bisexual because I had developed feelings for my friend, Ashliegh. When it came down to telling her, I was afraid to ruin our friendship so I hid it from her for a very long time, about a year actually. Finally one day I decided I couldnt hold it in any longer. So, couragously (lol I probably spelled that horribly wrong. pardon.) brought her to my room and shut the door. I told her I had something important I needed to talk about and she couldnt tell anyone under any circumstance. She looked concerned for me and said she promised.
I took a deep breath and didnt beat around the bush. I told it to her straight as it was, I liked her, I was bisexual and I couldnt let her be unknowing of it anymore. I immediately felt like it was the wrong decision as she looked at me for a minute, as if letting it process in her mind. Then something amazing happened.
She told me that she had the same feelings for me and she wasnt sure if I would laugh or not. I felt instantly relieved. We decided we would try going out but we soon realized we were to much like sisters since we had known each other since we were five. We decided to stay as friends and then friends with benifits.

A few years later I told my mom first, she wasnt happy, around this time she was close minded about having a bisexual child. She immediately banned me from seeing Ashleigh who now was moved three hours away. I felt like I should have hid the other half of me forever, but as the years went on she became more tolerant, yet stood by a belief that bisexuality was a phase that people go through.

As these years ticked on i was out to more and more people and my dad was quite supportive and my brother was to.

to be continued.....
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