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I have a friend who supports the GLBT community and loves me unconditionally. She recently asked me why is Columbus pride so vulgar? She said her husband would love to take their family their family to show support, but they do not want their kids seeing all the nudity from both men and woman. This is a topic that my wife and I have discussed as well. We do not want our kids see that either.
All the nudity and offensive behavior is what people use against us. This is why its hard for society to understand we are normal people with families living an everyday life.
I don't care if you want to be naked, do it behind closed doors. Its called gay pride for a reason. We are supposed to show we take pride in being us, in being crested this way. Instead, some take off their clothes or walk around in MnS outfits and think this is what they should be prideful about.
What happens when my generation makes the decision not to go to this event because we have families? Who is going to be left?
Not to mention what our gay youth sees as examples on how to live and how to act in public.
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