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Sunday mornings used to feel lonely. I knew the rest of the world was on their way to church, and I couldn't be because God couldn't love me....I'm gay. But how can God not love me when I love Him? I hated Sundays.
But what I call my God hole in my heart won me over. So I started looking for gay affirming churches and surprisingly found alot. But not all of them were completely gay affirming and most were universal, meaning they don't believe we have to be saved and make Jesus our Lord. That just feel right to me. But then I found Master's Commission New Covenant Church. The pastor is gay and the website said it was spirit filled. I was scared and wondered if this was real, if the Spirit of God was in that place.
My wife and I checked it out and we have been there every Sunday since. I realized the importance of not only finding a gay affirming church, but a spirit filled church. There is a big difference. Its also important to find a church that will teach about the clobber scriptures that are used against us.
I LOVE SUNDAY MORNINGS!!! Now we get to be in a house of God for all people, where His spirit is poured out on all flesh. The word is preached by an anointed pastor who loved her flock. Our worship and praise is breathtaking and to fellowship with other spirit filled gay brother and sisters is absolutely amazing.
If you have that God hole in your heart, I encourage you to go on the same church hunt I did. Its life changing and heart transforming when you a church that will lead you to Jesus and help you grow. You can check out our website at Or if you have any personal questions that you don't want to post, my email is
God bless
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