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I was in fifth grade when i started to question my sexuality. I've always been a tomboy, i dressed like a guy, i played sports, i wasn't girly at all.

one day this group of girls said "are you gay?" let's just say i had a bad temper on me. i cussed her out. i didn't really know what being gay meant. sure my parents talked about it but i always thought, 'why should i get involved in others business.'

After that day i started to think about it more often. I wasn't attracted to guy's, but i thought that was normal in fifth grade.

years passed and i was in eighth grade. Outside my school there was a protest, the school had recently started a GSA club, some conservatives were against it.

I was oddly offended. The thought that came to me was 'why do they hate us.' At first, I'll admit, it scared me. But i started to realize why........

In freshman year i knew for sure that I was a lesbian. i came to terms with it.

I'm happy with myself. Another thing is that my current school is pride central. There are at least fifty others in my school who are like me.

This high school has helped me accept myself. The moment people realize they can't control your life, is the moment change happens.

Things will be hard, it's a given. However there will always be a brighter day.

we can't see the rainbow without the rain beforehand.
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