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If you must know, i am a supporter of love.

I don't care about anything. If you love someone, love them. When did it matter to other people?

I find it hard to believe how many people stick their noses in others business.

I think parents are one of the main causes of this. Most of your parents voice their opinions. They were raised to think a certain way. They don't see love as we do.

Do we not see straight couples break up? but some how if a gay couple breaks up the people say " well it was unnatural, they weren't supposed to be together."

I find this to be complete and utter bullshit . what possibly could make our relationships different than ours.

We all are capable of the same things. It seems like we are put under a microscope. everyone stereotypes us, because apparently all lesbians are players, and all gay guys are feminine.

No, just like others we are human, we are loyal, trustworthy, and loving.

love is always love. It doesn't matter how you look, how old you are, your gender, or religion. When you fall in love it's like trying to stop gravity from pulling on you.

when you find the right person, just let yourself fall.

This is my view on love. I know I tend to rant, but i really appreciate all who read. thanks. Smile
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