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At one point or another we have to admit we are shallow. It's a human trait. We have been taught that we need to be a certain way, dress a certain way and live like the rest. This in turn makes us shallow.

we forget that we are not perfect no matter what we do. Why are we so shallow? we weren't born that way. No, we weren't born hating each other because we are different.

We are corrupt. Think about it, how many people have you judged based on their looks? How many amazing people have we lost to suicide because of our shallow nature?

Next time you see someone that looks down, go up to them, talk to them, simply smile at them.

You don't know how much a smile is worth to someone on the edge. I know how many times they have stopped me. Your smile , it's the most important thing you have in your arsenal.

I'm not saying everyone is absolutely shallow. No there are people out there who put a veil over their eyes. They see people based on their personality.

I will never force anyone to change, you have free will, used it.

Embrace the life you have.

Be the change. As corny as this sounds, we can all make a difference one smile at a time. let the shallow be shallow, and let the rest of us create a better world.
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