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I sometimes view all that goes on in the world and think ' How can there be so many ignorant people?' it's astounding really. over the months I as well as many of you have seen atrocities committed.

It's beyond my understanding, how humans can be so narrow minded and cruel.

A few months back I came across a petition in my home state of California. They were trying to pass a 'Shoot the Gays" bill. I felt disgusted at how low mankind has gone.

I'm not surprised really the U.S has become divided between immoral men who do not understand the meaning of love.

Yes, the gay marriage law was a huge leap forward, but it does not magically fix everything. Everyday I have to handle homophobic slurs being spit out of uneducated mouths.

The way I view thing our fight won't be over until there is no need to come out. Until we can just be.
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