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Gracinne Chandler is the lead lesbian hermaphrodite character of my first fiction book series. The first book of this series now available in online stores such as Barnes & Nobles is entitled, "The Adventures of Gracinne Chandler in the Rusty Queen." It describes the beginning of her adventures from an event of her kidnapping by criminals to her victory over their corruption. It is an OVER 18 read of both eroticism and adventure. Even better, our heroine is no average lesbian by any means. She takes on a personal quest through it all, to learn about new abilities emerging in stressful situations, that push our stories to the brink of science fiction.

The second book entitled, "The Adventures of Gracinne Chandler in Quantum Entanglements." The story continues as our heroine encounters challenges in her love life, her family and, friends are threatened as well as, dealing with new found wealth and status. What makes her life even more complex is, that most of the crew of the research ship she commands are gay men, and lesbian women, from whom she is keeping a secret that is slowly creeping out. Will she be alienated by her secret or, has she created a bond strong enough with them all, to hold her new empire together? Just as with the first novel, this new story is currently available from online retailers in the formats for reading most used on computers and, mobile devices.

The third entry is currently scheduled for release in September of this year. Is a murder/mystery featuring Gracinne Chandler as she is called upon for assistance by police, during a long awaited holiday vacation. My next blog entry will feature a glimpse of our heroine leading to this coming novel through her first diary entry. If permitted, I will either provide a link to the sites where my books are available or, post photos of my cover pages.

Hope you choose to follow her adventures.
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