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These days I'm totally confused: what I'm doing with my life? And are these decisions that I made - definitely right?
I can't remember the last time when I spoke and wrote in English correctly, but I hope an inch of it - at least - is clear.

It's not easy to try to separate your 'I' from anthill what is called in other words - society. I left two years of my life being in a search of myself but despite of that fact - couldn't find myself. My world is still alive just due to my imagination and spirit of a child. But every time when I talk with my father and discuss such a thing as: religion, definitions of good and bad, events which happened in the world and other stuff which is connected with my fears, doubts, feelings and thoughts - I feel much stronger that madness is coming. You know, when you are not falling down but broke into pieces
I'm totally..totally confused.
What am I? Who am I?
Inside of me is a ruined soul,
Is a lost experince
In the dark of doubt.
I can't feel it
I can't move,
As a singer -
I'm trying to sing
But scream so loudly
And so hopefully
That become a part
Of silence.
Who am I?
What am I?
There's no answer,
Just question
step by step
Is following me
In palace of madness,
Where my heart
Desperately is trying
To beat..
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