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For everyone out there that thinks it will just be ok when your 18. Think again. From then on it only gets worse.

As long as i can remember i wanted to be gone. Leave my reckless, useless life behind. Get away from the family that doesn't care, doesn't know, the fake friends, the drama, he shit that surrounds me everyday, everything. However it only gets worse with age. In reality ill have bigger things to worry about. It will eiher be great punishment or great reward. Have everything gowrong then add on the disappoint of he pwople around you, the real trouble your in, and the finishing product. Nothing. It only gets worse.

Everyone out there that feels this way, myself included, it can get better. Im sure. Gor now we will channel throuh the pain, laugh at the confusion, and smile. Everday. Until suddenly we dont have to try anymore.
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