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Okay, so as long as this is my first day, my first blog, and my first post, I will introduce myself a bit.

I'm Ane, I'm gay, 19 years old and I'm from Spain.

I'm kind of a huge geek, yup!

I am a singer, a writer and a mess.

And now that I already introduced myself to all of you, let's begin with the post.

I would like this to be a blog based on books. Any type of books, I don't really care (Exept from Twilight, I'm sorry).

So... why not starting with... I don't know. Maybe Harry Potter? Any geek of this edge love Harry Potter. Why? Because it is simply amazing. The characters, the writer, the creatures, the story...

Okay, I'd like you to tell me what is the best thing about Harry Potter, or what's the worst thing. Why you like it or why you don't.

I know that being this the first post it will be really difficult to have a bit of attention, but I need to try!

Please answer me! Smile

Have an amazing dayโ™ฅ
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