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19th June 2014 reading is:

ALEF (Alphabet: Details your physical situation)
A new journey is about to begin. Don't base your expectations on the past. Let go of regrets as the dissolution of the past was necessary to clear the way for your adventure ahead. Don't be afraid to be a fool, you're traveling into the unknown so it is only natural.

HEI (Dreidel: Details your actions)
Act with caution. Progress can be made toward your goals in the current situation, but care is needed in your actions. Make a careful appraisal of your situation and seek out advice from reputable sources. Only act at this time when you can determine that it is correct action.

CHESED (Kindess)(Sefirot: Details your spiritual situation)
Chesed represents altruistic kindness. Do not focus upon receiving a return as the universe provides for that through the application of the laws of karma. Also, showing kindness provides it's own rewards. Being a good person is a better life to live. The giver benefits more then the receiver of kindness. Focus at this moment upon who you are, not what you receive from others or the universe.
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