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I'm so sick and tired of all these people and their narrow mind. Seriously these past few days everyone has been getting on my last nerve.

I thought parents are supposed to teach people to respect others, but you know what even after all the things that have happened over the past hundred years they are still narrow minded pricks.

my goodness, you would think most people would at least keep their opinions to themselves but no.
they just love spreading their hate.

just last Sunday this " preacher " started saying how big of a disgrace it is to be gay. That struck my nerve. these people can't even be considered Christians with all the hate they preach. It seem as if they can't go one service without belittling the gay community.

I can't believe the ignorance of these people. One of the ladies from the church said she was going to her granddaughters graduation in San Francisco. Guess what was the first thing that came from the mouth of the pastors son? " oh, that place is a breeding ground for those gays. " I was so fucking pissed when I heard this. I'm a level headed person, but this is just ridiculous. Really? instead of asking about the granddaughter he goes and makes a snide remark.

in the Bible it says to not eat shellfish, yet just last week they ate shrimp. The Bible says don't mark yourself yet half the men there have tattoo, and here's the ironic part, it's a fucking Bible scripture. they eat pork heck some even have gambling problem. yet they sit there as if they are the picture of perfection.

I think that they are lying to themselves, until they realize that everyone is equal they will never be true Christians. The Bible isn't something you can pick and choose from. The Word is god, you have a whole god not just a slab of him.
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